Screen Printing Frames and Filtration Frames

Printing Frames

Wherever precise printed images, attention to detail and colour strength are required to achieve brilliant, high-quality image effects, screen printing is an excellent choice. These characteristics always require one thing at the beginning of the printing process. A high-quality frame from Hurtz. The market leader in the field of screen printing frames. For more than 70 years we have been manufacturing screen printing frames to customer specifications in all sizes. During this time, we became the market leader for metal screen printing frames.
We are proud of the decades of experience gained by our long-standing employees in the field of screen printing. As the basis for a long service life and high precision, we manufacture the high-quality screen printing frames from metal in accordance with ISO 9001 and DIN 3834-2. You can choose between a wide variety of frame formats, frame thicknesses and profiles. We manufacture each frame to customer specifications from a quantity of one. Once in use, the frames are then reconditioned again and again with material- and environmentally-friendly water jet cleaning and can thus be used for years.

Screen printing frames

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Filtration frames

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