small size components
as well as mass assembly groups
we claime this our core competence

Welding technology (hand/robot)

We have the option of robotic welding with three industrial welding robots with different specifications. These ensure consistent quality and efficiency. We use modern robot technology to make the welding process even more precise and economical. This pays off especially when high quantities with consistently high quality requirements for the weld seams are required. But small batches can also be produced economically on the robot. To operate these efficient systems with their extensive control engineering, we have a highly motivated team that is always working to find the best possible solution.

We create our devices in our own toolmaking shop and constantly optimise them so that you are 100% satisfied with our product. This requires a permanently precise positioning of the components during the welding process. In addition, we can rely on a team of manual welders who together have several hundred years of welding experience. With our certified welders we are perfectly positioned. Production from complex small parts to large assemblies, by hand. That is our core competence.

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