Proven Quality for Decades: Hurtz Slope-Profiles!

Without any compromise striving for highest precision requires the employment of progressive technology and experience!

The Slope profiles are particularly stable, have a wide adhesive surface, and bear also higher mesh tensions, specially for modern Computer To Screen systems (CTS), coating automats and direct projection. An important condition for a good screen printing result!

A large advantage of the bevelled inner edge, is the fast and easy cleaning of the frames. In washing machines entrainment of cleaning agents is practically impossible.

Screen printing frames with Slope profiles are simple to handle, as during the development smallest weight with highest firmness are combined.


More information:

Overview aluminumprofiles: pdfDownload Hurtz Aluminiumprofiles Overviews

Data sheet Slope-profiles: pdfDownload Hurtz Slope profiles data sheet


Hurtz Slope-profiles

Hurtz Products Frames Slope Profiles
Hurtz Products Frames Slope Profile drip molding

The new Slope 185/175x50x6,0/3,5 mm



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