Company History


  • development of a JUMBO-Slope-Profile for the production of large-sized frames for the printing of glass panes with a length up to 12 meters
  • absorption of several special profiles for the production of frames for filtration
  • certificate as technician welding company according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 for all welding technologies with all-embracing demands (MIG, MAG, WIG)
  • acquisition of ultra-modern CNC-processing centers: MAZAK VTC 300 CII
  • ISO 9001:2008-certificate


  • expansion of the aluminum pallets product line through investment in highest technic and manpower
  • development and patenting of a new framecorner-connection for very large-szied frames – the HURTZ CORNER LOCK SYSTEM
  • expansion of the own slope profile line
  • ice cans are still offered


  • development of another product line: pallets, containers, skeletonboxes and special construction made of aluminum


  • frame production further expanded with the production of stainless steel printing frames
  • the productportfolio was expanded and the production of screen printing frames for CD-printing was started (currently a completely new and innovative medium)


  • sale of the company by the Hurtz-family to the current owners
  • concentration of production in the area of screenpriting frames made of aluminum and steel
  • development and patenting of slope profiles for screenprinting


  • change of business segment (among other things due to technical progress) the turnover of ice cans is exceeded by the turnover of screenprinting frames


  • start of the production of screenprinting frames made of steel for the textile printing and screenprinting industry and the production of ice cans is continued


  • due to the currency reform it timeover increased year by year, Hurtz developed to the largest special factory for the production of ice cans, which were world-wide exported


  • by absence of raw materials only partial resumption of the manufacturing after the 2nd world war
  • temporary resumption of production of pad stitch boxes for gardening companies


  • company founder Anton Hurtz dies – takeover by his sons Gottfried and Hermann Hurtz


  • business relocated to Breyell (today Nettetal)


  • foundation of Hurtz by the name-giver Anton Hurtz in Düsseldorf as a “Factory for brewery and refrigeration machine needs”. Hurtz produced ice cans, ice can frames, shake flippers, finned pipes amde of steel and copper, cooling coils and fermenters.
  • users/customers were: ice factories, breweries, fish industry, chemical industry, food industry
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